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So why is it called Show Ring Secrets?

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. I hit upon a board game idea, a combination of monopoly and the film Best in Show, with a serious side, but also a lighted laugh at ourselves as dog exhibitors. Of course "Best in Show" was a brilliant choice of name, and the board game became known as that amongst those who I was consulting. Then a bit of research showed the American dog board game, endorsed by the American Kennel Club, had that name. Drats. It really wouldn't have been good form to have another board game of the same era about with the same name.

So on with the thinking caps, and cross checking with current Trade Marks and registered .com websites - I wanted something unique, distinctive, and relating to showing. Some names really appealed, liked STACKED, but there was a .com, damn. So the list was whittled down to
Dog Show World
The Dog Game
Dog Game
Every Dog has his Day
The Right Stuff
Best of Breed
Hair of the Dog
Take the Lead - all of which had already been nabbed by the savvy internet crowd, leaving such 'gems' as
Ultimate Dog Show
Ultimate Dog Game
An Eye for a Dog
Showring Secrets
Making of a Show Dog
Judging the Show
Judge the Dog (bit of a tall order for some judges, so let's let this one slip!)
Hair of the Judge
A skim through Google showed up that lovely book The Winning Edge, all about dog shows and handling, with the sub-title Show Ring Secrets - so Show Ring Secrets was claimed as our name for the website and the board game. =
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